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Which gemstone to wear?

Which is your lucky gemstone?

According to Astrological Science, Gemstones are believed to resolve problems in life of every person. Every gemstone behaves differently as per your Kundli having different “Grahas” in the chart. So, taking the decision which gemstone to wear is an astrological question.

 gemstones to help live good life with guidance of astrologer

Sometime our astrological stars come in such position that we start getting business losses. Some gems will be suitable to you and will provide you a lot of benefit. These gemstones may help you increase your business, can get you a good job or can help in your studies to bring better results. But, others may harm you in your life depending upon the position of the planets in your birth chart. Planets have power to bring good or bad results in your life as per astrology. Wearing a suitable gem stone will be fruitful and bring more effective results from your planet. So, now the question arises which gemstone to wear. Here comes the consultation of our famous astrologer Sanjeev Kumar. He will guide you on which gemstone to wear like Ruby, Pearl, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz or any other gemstone. The guidance will be purely on the basis of your horoscope, position of planets and current problems in your life.
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