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About Astrologer Sanjeev Kumar

Being an engineer graduate and a successful entrepreneur of Amritsar, I was running my life very cheerfully inspite of my married life and family problems going on since my marriage and little hick ups in my partnership, I was very confident and moved on types of a person. But suddenly after year 2001, all my ongoing projects were held up and in my key account, I was blacklisted. Then my distributors and vendors also started doing step motherly treatments.

In my family disputed property in legal cases in which I was winning all the cases, there were some problems started coming and even FIR was also lodged against me in which I got bail without being arrested. Thank you God to the almighty and a messenger in the form of a part time freelancer Astrologer was sent, who predicted the right things at right moments and prevented me from all causalities. He was an old aged retired GM from a private company and started coming to my office once in a first night for a cup of Tea and a cigarette (restricted to him by doctor) some far off from his wife's reach. Suddenly after his death in 2006 September, I felt again miserable whom to ask about my ongoing changes in Astrological stars and their effect and after consulting few people I was not satisfied. So I started reading Astrological books procured from a local shop, online and other friend's references. After reading too many books and practicing on many horoscopes, the predictions and remedies are reaching to the exact level. I feel many people like me do not find time in routine business to get the benefit they deserve as outcome of their efforts. Keeping this in view, I have made this website to guide the human beings of this divine seance developed by great sages and keep the life graphy.

About the stars

Primary there are 7 stars affecting the lines of human beings giving the effects according to the houses they are placed in and the Nakshatras they are places at time of Birth. When you are born, the position of stars at the time of birth decides.

-Nourishment From Parents
-Primary Education
-Love life
-Marriage & Married Life
-Job/Business Karmas
-Public Life
-Project & Losses
& Others.

In a normal human being life, people experience different forms of suffering/due to their past life karmas and they get punishments/Fruits according to accumulated karmas.

The past life karmas can cause sufferings through the transit of affected planets in the effected houses at the time of birth. The effects of Sadesati is specially noted to be causing death like situation If Moon is situated in moving houses.

The effect of these planets will definitely bring miseries, but a good astrological advise can lessen the effects of miseries by even upto 90%, which will definitely help the lives of human beings.